Saturday, November 29, 2008

There's more than just 'inspiration' for me in this post.

This creative - designer, Tomás Peña (Espaun256), started his way not only in the same city than me, but also in the same small agency and even in the same desk -with the slower PC ever-.
But that place wasn't challegeable enough for him. It was 2003, and one year later he left this city to start over in Madrid and afterwards he moved to Los Angeles. There he created really high-level stuff for brands like
Nokia, Playstation and MTV. Impressive.

3 years after that, with no idea of what I was doing in my mind, I started my training in that agency as my first contact with the advertising life. Since I heard about his story, I knew that it was possible to do something different than just stay there in that desk for ages.
And now, after my first amazing MiamiADschool year, while Im waiting for the new experience in the States, I know I was right. Im in my own way.

Tomás Peña / Espaun256 - Reel 2008 from Espaun 256 on Vimeo.


AoKumo said...

Pos hala, tú igual que él, moviéndote y moviéndote, que luego queremos ver tu nombre por ahí, ¿eh? :P

Ekkiboy said...

Ahh...sabes que se me olvidó decir...que todo esto viene a que este 'señor'...tiene mi edad!