Friday, November 28, 2008

A lot of good friends are leaving to London & NY in a few weeks. Even though how sad is this for me, I hope they have a great time there. And may be this site could help:

And for the rest of the 'dudes' - like me - that still don't know where we'll be in January (maybe Chicago, maybe Dallas, San Francisco, Miami, Minneapolis...), I just can say: good things come to those who wait.
Good luck, guys.

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AoKumo said...

Pues a ver si te decides pronto, porque ya te queda poquico^^. Yo mañana me voy pa Madrid, pero este año no estás tú para ser mi anfitrión como el año pasado... lo echaré de menos, jaja.

Y bueno, ¿cuándo te veremos por Murcia? ¿Vienes en Navidad, no?