Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunset Now. By Adam Parker Smith.

"Constructed from colored Plexi-glass, fiberfill and lights this sunset is controlled by a dimmer switch. The viewer adjusts the rising and setting of the sun at their own desired speed "

The sunset is here again to remind us we didn't won the Coronitas campaign contest for MASE last quarter.
Is Mr. Parker Smith working in secret for Jorge's team?
Joking. Congratulations Pablo&Jorge, you made a great job.

Source Gizmodo: 10 gadgets that provide eternal pleasure.

1 comment:

[wi-ni] 2.0 said...

vaya tela esto, no?

si tio, tu estaras mas puesto en esta movida... yo no se ni quienes son quienes hicieron el video...

donde esta el quinto pino tioooo?? xDDD

un abrazo currete!!!